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Learning and Teaching

Romanian language school has been well under way! The Tyler’s were able to connect me to a Christian studies and culture center in order to sign up with tutoring, and I have started with a heavy schedule of three times a week. It definitely is not easy, but I am thankful for the love of grammar that I have that has helped me to understand conjugations and contexts better. Will I still love grammar after this, who knows? But please pray that this long process will not be disheartening.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that I would be getting the chance to assist in the classroom, something I was not expecting to do even within my first year here. There is an organization called Save the Children that has projects in several countries across the world. In Romania, the branch is called Salvați Copiii with its own website if you ever want to find out more information, but they offer childcare and classes for Ukrainians. I have been able to help out in English clubs for teenagers twice a week, with even two chances of teaching my own class. I loved doing this, but it’s interesting when they need something explained better in Russian; Google Translate is always up on my phone.

I now also have one adult student that is a Ukrainian worker at this center. We do one lesson a week, and it has been really neat to teach something in English one day then learn the very same concept in Romanian the next day. I have been blessed by another BIMI Ukrainian missionary, Sarah Seager, who has several years experience in teaching English as a second language. She has been able to guide me in what curriculum I should use, offered her own resources, and has also been inquiring with a British school located here in the city about taking TESOL courses to become certified.

A huge praise this past month was getting a car! I was so thankful for the support that I was able to save during deputation that enabled me to do this. As I let many churches know, I will also be able to give to a few projects that the Tylers have planned for their church. If you could pray that the church has wisdom and guidance in these next few months, as well as wisdom for me in giving. The two projects I leave with you to pray about are for part of the roof to be repaired, and the purchase of a container for more classroom space. In January, the church finished a big renovation of the auditorium and foyer, expanding the seating to a little over 100. And God has filled them already with two Sundays in June with over 100 in attendance!

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support!

In Christ,

Olivia West

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Thank you so much for being interested in the ministry I am involved with in Romania. Deputation was a two and a half year journey, but it was great to see how God provided in many ways. I moved to Romania in May of 2023, and I am excited to be a part of where the Lord is working!

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