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An International Local Church

I have been in Romania for just two weeks now, but have already thanked God for how He has shown Himself to me again and again. It was a bit overwhelming walking into a service with a minimum of four countries represented. But the fear of not knowing how I am ever going to learn these languages gets wiped away when entering worship alongside each other; and it uplifts my spirit in anticipation of what God can do through a group of believers like this!

God is good!

I have come to Romania to help the Tyler's in their church after having first come to visit back in 2017 and a second trip in 2021. So much has changed since then, and their church has become quite an exciting international ministry. I would like to use this newsletter edition to introduce you to those ministries.

The Wiebe’s are a family from Germany that have a boy’s home. There are a few other Germans in the church that are connected through this family as well; and while the sermon is spoken in English then translated into Romanian, they use a listening device as one person speaks German through it in the audience. For the past few months they have had several different groups coming in from churches in Germany to help renovate a girl’s home as well.

Gott ist gut!

With the war in Ukraine, the Ignatieva’s are another missionary family that had a connection with the Tylers to use their college dorms as an entry point after fleeing Ukraine. Several Ukrainian families now attend the Tyler’s church for Sunday services, also using the listening devices with translation in Russian, and have their own services and ministries on Thursday and Friday. Most of these families were split from family and friends who had to stay in Ukraine, especially due to the military draft, and this has reopened my eyes to the danger and tragedy that is still going on there that was not broadcasted much anymore in the States. Some of the Ukrainian missionaries just made a quick weekend trip back into the country so they could stock up a few churches with groceries and household supplies, so they in turn could distribute out to the communities.

Бог хорош (Bog khorosh)!

My summer is looking a little different than I thought it would be, because I am now immediately helping out with English clubs for Ukrainian students. I imagined my tutoring would come in a few years, after I had gained at least a little knowledge of both their language and ESL teaching, but there is a big need now. As far as settling in goes, I've just started the wheels turning on looking for an apartment, weighing options for buying a car, and doing the first steps that I'll need before I apply for a Religious Visa. God has been good on these different appointments running smoothly, and I have also already set up my Romanian schooling to start by the end of the first full week of June.

Dumnezeu e bun!

I also want to thank God for the opportunity I had to teach back in Missouri at the beginning of May right before leaving for Romania. A school district near my hometown had a Christian student field day, and I was invited to share my mission field and teach about God’s will in our everyday lives.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!

In Christ,

Olivia West

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Thank you so much for being interested in the ministry I am involved with in Romania. Deputation was a two and a half year journey, but it was great to see how God provided in many ways. I moved to Romania in May of 2023, and I am excited to be a part of where the Lord is working!

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